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Submitted by: Joanna Coleman

Often put down or made fun of as “Ambulance chasers” Personal injury lawyers enjoy a poor reputation. But, for many who have suffered from an hurt in an accident caused by another driver personal damage lawyers have proved a godsend. The awards that cause such derision are usually the really non-serious ones. A guy crossing the road in the snow slips, falls and sprains his wrist. sues the City for $50,000 for loss of earnings because he cannot use his computer.. The insurance company makes an out of court offer of $10,000 with a non disclosure agreement to save the hassle of a court case which would cost more. Of course these things get onto Twitter and before you know it the city has to defend 10 such actions. However suppose you are involved in an auto accident in Albany County New York where you are hit by a careless motorist jumping a red light, you get a broken leg and bad abrasions on your face plus concussion and you have to spend 6 weeks in hospital and are faced with loss of earnings as well as costs for after care, not to mention the possibility of plastic surgery, then you will be very glad to consult a Albany Personal Injury Lawyer to represent you and see that you get rapid compensation from the other insurance company.

This kind of crash is not a strange occurrence and you probably see 1 a week. The injuries described here are light compared to some that one hears of. It is now of utmost importance to guarantee that all your expenses and loss of income are in fact covered by Insurance and that there is some compensations paid because of the discomfort youhave undergone.


If you are in Upstate New York you can always consult with the Buffalo Auto Accident Lawyer who will represent you. If you were to claim on your own the first thing an insurance company will do is say “NO” and then spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find a way to show that you are liable in several ways for the auto pile up or find other excuses to reduce the amount they eventually pay out.

If you contact these lawyers who are experts in Auto Accidents then your interests will be looked after. It is their responsibility to represent your interests and see that they cut through the red tape and obfustication. They will do what it takes to see to it that that you, as an innocent injured party, receive full compensation for all your medical expenses and they will go further to get you a substantial award for the pain and suffering, the scarring and the irritation that you have undergone.

So when you are next inclined to bemoan or ridicule personal trauma lawyers bear in mind could you may one day be very glad to have one available to use one to retrieve your costs in an pile up not your fault.

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