Characteristics Of A Good Real Estate Property Agent

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Characteristics Of A Good Real Estate Property Agent


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For a lot of people, becoming a real estate agent is a career they want to pursue and they take it as a viable option which will give them good financial freedom and stability. If you re thinking of becoming a real estate agent, it is very imperative to understand exactly what it takes to become successful in this field. Different people perceive success in different ways; for some its money, for some its client satisfaction.

Agents can be of great help & assistance if someone is looking for investment or buying a property to live in. If somebody wants to sustain in the real estate sector, they have to put in all their efforts to make their career be successful in the long run and not just give you benefits when there s a boom in the sector. So, what characteristics does a professional real estate agent possess? Let\’s have a look:

Pleasing Personality

A good real estate agent should have a pleasant and charming personality, who is able to talk to the clients freely and understand their requirements. Agents should not look like they are forcing the clients to take some decision. Of course, they will give their honest suggestions to the clients, but by no means an agent should try to persuade forcefully. This looks that the agent is desperate to close the deal.


Good Listener

An agent has to be a good listener. A common mistake which agents make is that they offer the clients what they have and try to convince them with specific properties rather than trying to understand their needs and requirements. Agents should understand that the investors and property buyers contact agents and real estate companies because they have some specifications In their mind and they will only get satisfied when they will get value for their money.


An agent has to work according to the client s timings. They very rarely get the chance to set the time by themselves as the parties to the deal may not be available at those times. They should anticipate last minute cancellations, which again will lead to organizing new meeting schedules. You ll need to have a flexible approach to the work in order to be able to complete your tasks.

Online Presence

Although, you may not count it as a characteristic but having an online presence is very important. Even if an agent does not have an online presence, he/she must have his/her name listed on the company s website which will give the visitors an assurance that this particular person is representing the company. If you have social media accounts, you can always link to your company website which will eventually help you to spread your credentials to a lot of people.

Proper Answers

Agents face a lot questions from buyers and sellers of properties. A smart agent should have prompt answers for questions such as how much experience do you have, what marketing strategies do you wish to implement, can you give some references or history of your past work etc. Answering such questions with accurately and with confidence will also make the client understand that you are fit for such work.


One of the most important aspects about an agent s characteristic is reliability. He/she should be reliable so that the clients have faith in him/her. There are many ways to make clients understand that you are reliable for this type of work. If you give more than what you offered, then the client will definitely believe you are reliable and that you will finish the work with optimum results.

These cannot be taught in a day, one has to practice these in order to inculcate such traits for growth in this industry.

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