Food Intolerance Testing: To Encourage Good Relations Between Food And Bodies

May 20, 2022 0 Comments

By Elizabeth Harfleet

Food intolerance related conditions are widespread according to a number of the UK’s leading nutritionists. Unlike allergies which provoke immediate reactions when sufferers eat problem foods, food intolerances cause a delayed reaction. This means that without food intolerance testing, it is practically impossibly to identify the food that is making you feel unwell.

As a result, many people suffer from symptoms such as migraines, abdominal pains and asthma for years before taking a food intolerance test to discover the cause of their problems.

Food intolerance testing is much easier (and more pleasant) than the other measures people take to try and understand what is making them feel ill.


Food intolerance testing involves taking a tiny sample of blood and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. If the sample comes back positive for a food intolerance, you can then take another test to identify the exact food intolerance that you have. These tests allow to you to check for intolerances to up to 113 different types of food.

If food intolerance testing reveals that you have an intolerance to a particular type of food you should take advice about how to adjust your diet. This is because if you have an intolerance to various different types of food it can be harmful to suddenly stop eating them altogether.

Furthermore, depending on your level of intolerance, you might find that you can still eat the problem food, just much less frequently than you used to. For instance, one of my clients discovered that he had an intolerance to yeast via food intolerance testing. This meant that he had to cut out beer altogether for a year but was then able to gradually re-introduce it to his diet.

Identifying problem foods by undergoing food intolerance testing can significantly enhance your sense of well being. However, food intolerance testing is not a cure all. Instead it should be undertaken alongside other attempts to live a healthy lifestyle; such as taking regular exercise.

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