Hair Transplant Training In India

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Hair Transplant Training in India


Dr Tejinder Bhatti

The long prevailing vacuum in the field of training in hair transplant in India has recently been filled in by an accomplished Indian Plastic surgeon. The technique of transplanting hair has achieved sophistication with the world class technique better known as FUE. The process of learning the process of hair transplantation involves refined and delicate operational job which is both time and money consuming. A good news, if you are a plastic surgeon, a physician or a technician working in India, and intend to fine tune your existing skill in hair transplantation or if you want to add to your professional skill, particularly in the area of FUE. You can now get hair transplant training in India just by attending a well-tailored course of very short durations.

If you are not acquainted with FUE and FUT and like to bring about professional development in your present practice, you can join the training programme along with any one of your technician who can make better comprehension of the hair transplant technique from a technician s point of view. During the course of training, the technicians are made to pass through various stages of the FUE technique such as graft harvest, silvering, graft preparation and insertion along with pre and post patient care requirement. The training program on hair transplant is organised by reputed educational initiative promoters that does not encourage commercial promotion or bias of the instructor. Learn FUE and FUT within the shortest time at much ease and convenience.


The short duration custom courses make it convenient for you if you are a Plastic Surgeon, a Physician or a Hair plant Technicians if you are not acquainted with the latest technology in the area of Hair Transplantation such as FUE or FUT and intend to bring about innovative approach in your existing practice. The founder of FUE technique has recently inaugurated a FUE training program course in India, which is organised by an accomplished Indian plastic Surgeon. The latest advancement in the field of FUE has made it popular in foreign countries. If you want to pass on the benefits of this new hair transplant technique to multitude of aspiring patients, you can join an introductory two day course for training organised by promoters of educational initiatives.

The faculty members of the training are required to disclose their association with any equipment or medicine manufacturer, if any. After undergoing the 2-day introductory course, you can prepare yourself to join for a full-fledged course on hair restoration. The bi-annual courses take a maximum of 30 candidates per course that ensures its quality. Depending upon your need, you may undergo courses of varying durations. The 6-day basic Hands-on Course for FUT doctors, meant for surgeons and physicians trains on the nuances of the technique. The 12-Day basic Hands-On course for newcomers is most suitable for neophyte hair transplant surgeons and physicians for upgrading their professional status. The Advanced Certified FUE Course for one-month suits plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The 6-month exhaustive course is meant for doctors having no surgical experience in the field of hair transplant.

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