How Celebrities Can Help You Quit Drinking

January 6, 2022 0 Comments

By Dave Andrews

Rock stars, actors, politicians – so many of them wind up on the front page of the entertainment section in scandalous stories related to their inability to quit drinking or abusing drugs. Whether it’s Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen, celebrity battles with booze and pills are common news fodder. Turn on the TV and you can watch a reality show devoted to celebrities in rehab and get an up-close view of how fame and fortune don’t necessarily solve all of life’s problems, and how problem drinking can ruin even the best of careers. You might think that with the resources celebrities have learning how to quit drinking would be easier, but clearly that is not the case.

Watching celebrities deal with their sobriety issues is more than a titillating peek into the darker side of life of the rich and famous. More importantly these snapshots give us the opportunity to watch real people deal with their alcohol issues and to see exactly what happens in recovery and how others quit drinking and struggle with sobriety.

Conservative estimates are at least 30 million Americans suffer from some sort of addiction, and as many as 22 million from alcoholism. The list of recovered alcoholics includes presidents of countries and corporations as well as Grammy and Oscar award-winning performers. Most of the time we don’t see how these people recover, but thanks to reality TV, America watched actor Tom Sizemore admit he was an addict on Celebrity Rehab. As the cameras followed him week after week, we became invested in his struggle and celebrated his success in becoming sober. This is just one story among many covered on Celebrity Rehab that documented recovery and how many learned how to quit drinking and finally live a sober lifestyle.


Sometimes hearing that someone has an alcohol issue is surprising, sometimes it’s no shock at all. How often do the same celebrity names appear in print and on court dockets in cases involving bad behavior and drugs or alcohol? Though they may be in denial, it seems the rest of us see a clear, destructive pattern of substance abuse. Actor Robert Downey Jr. now talks openly of his repeated trips to court – and eventually jail – and what eventually led him to seek help, quit drinking, and get clean.

A lot of problem drinkers hang onto the myth that they don’t need to quit drinking unless or until they hit rock bottom. If you’ve got a successful career and friends and family you don’t really have a problem, do you? We could learn from watching the many celebrities who appeared to be at the top of their game when their lives started unraveling. Think of the young Lindsay Lohan and her promising career and her subsequent descent into drugs, alcohol and the criminal justice system.

The reality of substance abuse is that if you drink too much and too often it will eventually lead to all kinds of problems in your life. We watch celebrities die after punishing their bodies for years with alcohol. We’ve also witnessed tragic stories of young stars who thought they were having just another fun night of partying and then failed to wake up the next morning. And many of us wonder why can’t they just quit drinking and using drugs? Watching celebrities getting help shows that being in treatment is a good place to be and that it is possible to quit drinking and be happy and healthy in life.

While the old stereotypes of the drug addled rock star and the hard-partying young actor persist, it’s very likely you’ve got neighbors and friends who are addicts of one sort or another. Celebrities can help put a familiar face on the issue of problem drinking. When they speak openly about their struggles, they take away some of the shame and guilt and allow us to see how others are able to recover. They can also inspire and remind us that we can choose to quit drinking at any time. For more personal stories of recovery by successful authors and others visit to listen to how they quit drinking and using drugs. All it takes is making a clear decision to quit drinking or using drugs and then taking decisive action to make a lasting change in your life.

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