How To Prepare For Orthopedic Surgery}

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How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery


Jordan Rocksmith

Surgery of any kind can be a worrisome business, but there are steps a patient can take to prepare himself and reduce some of the stress. First, he should make sure all doctor’s appointments are set. Then he should pack light and pack smart for his hospital visit. He should take only what he needs and leave everything else; someone can always fetch more changes of clothes and so on for longer stays. Valuables should be left at home, though a small amount of cash can be helpful. Comfortable clothes, current medications, and toiletries should make the bag, though many toiletries will be provided by the hospital. An insurance card is a must, as are copies of legal documents such as medical proxy. A patient should also be prepared with a list of allergies.

Once a patient comes up with a sufficient hospital kit, he should read the instructions given by his surgeon. Most orthopedic specialists such asMercer-Bucks Orthopaedics will be happy to explain in detail what each patient should do for his particular surgery, and why it is necessary. For example, many surgeries require that a patient abstain from food and drink and even some medications for various lengths of time, depending on the procedure, since anesthesia can produce nausea in a full stomach.


Finally, the patient should prepare himself to arrive early on the day of his appointment and answer a series of questions which will seem repetitious, but are actually designed to prevent medical errors. Again, orthopedics likeMercer-Bucks Orthopaedics can go over some of these questions on subjects such as medications and surgical history. A doctor can also give a patient a rough idea of what to expect on the day, such as the signing of consent forms, and what to expect afterwards, such as muscular therapy. Getting a clearer picture like this can reduce some of the mystery and so relieve some of the anxiety in the mind of the patient.

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How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery}