Is It Time For Cosmetic Surgery?}

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Is It Time for Cosmetic Surgery?


Lloyd M. Krieger, MD-7577It is not too bold a statement to call cosmetic surgery mainstream. The cosmetic benefits that a cosmetic surgeon can deliver are no longer relegated to hush-hush gossip about celebrities. People typically have a strong urge to look their best, and plastic surgery is definitely a rising trend.

Data released for 2006 from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal the popularity of plastic surgery. According to ASPS surveys, close to 11 million plastic surgery procedures were done in 2006. This is a 7 percent rise over 2005.

The findings of the ASPS indicate the top five plastic surgery procedures for 2006 were:

Breast augmentation (329,000)

Rhinoplasty (307,000)Liposuction (303,000)Eyelid surgery (233,000)Tummy tuck (146,000)

It is interesting to consider the reasons behind the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery. A December 2006 article in USA Today examined plastic surgery among baby boomers. This famously large demographic is approaching retirement age, which inevitably includes some wrinkles and sagging. Some baby boomers are choosing to spend their money on cosmetic procedures. USA Today reported that many baby boomers adhere to active and fit lifestyles, and, for some of them, this includes seeking to maintain youthful appearance. It is about wanting to look as young and vigorous as they feel.

Because there are so many baby boomers, their growing interest in plastic surgery is one element driving the rise in visits to plastic surgeons. The generation that once dominated the youth culture still wants to look young. And when they have areas of unwanted fat, they are willing to go for Beverly Hills liposuction.

Aside from the aging population, there is another factor behind the popularity of plastic surgery. It lies simply in the growing availability of plastic surgery and awareness of the cosmetic benefits that a plastic surgeon can deliver. A ripple effect occurs throughout the population as people undergo plastic surgery. As more people have plastic surgery, they expose their friends and relatives to plastic surgery and its possibilities. It is not a rare sentiment for a woman to want a “mommy makeover” whether she gets one or not. But for those women who think about it, plastic surgery is much more attainable now because there are many qualified plastic surgeons practicing throughout the country. It is a leading specialty pursued by medical doctors in fact.

Although Los Angeles cosmetic surgery is available and popular, it does not mean that changing something about your appearance will solve your problems in life. Certainly there is some truth in the adage that if you look good you will feel good, but looking good does not mean that life will be good. If you decide to consult with a plastic surgeon about a feature of your body with which you are no longer happy, be prepared to discuss your motivations for plastic surgery in a candid manner. An ethical and well-trained plastic surgeon will thoroughly assess each candidate’s reasons for surgery to make sure that his or her decision is based on a well-grounded and healthy outlook.

With the level of skill available among cosmetic surgeons currently available and the awareness the public has of cosmetic surgery, there is no reason to believe that the popularity of plastic surgery will diminish. A relationship with a cosmetic surgeon is frequently the beginning of a person’s renewed excitement about his or her physical appearance.

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