Isn’t Revision Surgery Just More Plastic Surgery?}

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Isn’t Revision Surgery Just More Plastic Surgery?


Cynthia Rowland

A new industry within the industry of Plastic Surgery has arisen and it is called “Revision Surgery”.

Under the Revision heading are many sub-headings but they have one thing in common: more surgery, more cutting of healthy tissue, more pulling, more tightening, more repositioning, more strings, more sculpting, more sutures, more injecting, more risks, more deaths and more dollars out of your wallet.

Revision Surgery is fixing things that went “bad” initially bad nose jobs, bad breast implants, bad face lifts, bad brow lifts, bad eye liftsyou get the picture; think corrective surgery fixing what hopefully can be fixed that got screwed up in the first place.

Some plastic surgery websites tell us that revision surgery is considered more difficult perhaps requiring a surgeon with a greater amount of skill and technique.

Plastic surgeons have never guaranteed their work so choosing to let another surgeon revise and correct the current unappealing physical situation may feel daunting.

It is.


Face lifts, brow lifts, neck lifts, eye lifts and more are very temporary fixes with permanent results. The altered face begins to sag after a few years and the patient must seek additional surgery, injections and laser treatments if they hope to look “normal”.

Facial plastic surgery distorts the face over time and those muscles that once were sutured into place begin to lose their firmness and tightness; atrophied tissue is weak and this causes the facial features to unnaturally slide downward as they pool into other muscles and muscle groups.

This downward slide makes the face appear misshapen unless drastic revision methods are employed.

Facing more revision (elective) surgery will cost more than mere dollars. How are you guaranteed that you will like your results? What if you don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror? What if your friends and family look at you in amazement thinking, “What has she done now?!?”

Opting for surgery is a big step that must be thoroughly weighed because once you allow cutting, you have forever lost your face in that you will never look like you again.

Oh sure, if surgery is needed to correct a malady, birth defect or physical challenge, it must be done. Using surgery to alter your appearance believing that this will make you look younger is flawed thinking.

Same with using injections that plump and paralyze. The reason you believe you need them is that the aging in your face is actually sagging facial muscles.

Loss of fat is the predominant cry but in actuality, the muscles that were positioned so perfectly when you were twenty five are becoming soft and mushy. This softening is creating the look of old.

If you have reached your fifties those once tight, well positioned facial muscles have now elongated about one-half inch so if you are wondering how those jowls and pouches arrived and set up camp on your jaw line, just know that the muscles around your mouth are slack.

It is the same with your eyelids. If your eye lids resemble crepe paper and they are droopy and saggy, this is a result of your forehead muscle elongating and pushing downward into the eye brows. This action affects your entire eye area as crow’s feet become firmly etched at the corners of your eyes.

Blepharoplasty, eye lid surgery, has been very popular for over twenty years. As the forehead muscle continues to soften and elongate surgical revision after a few years is usually recommended because the eyelids continue to be affected with the gravitational lengthening of the frontalis muscle.

After a while you may begin to feel that you are like a gerbil on a wheel and that anti-aging is a very, very expensive process and extremely risky. Although initially one may look somewhat refreshed, there are always more procedures luring the susceptible and nave patient searching for “the Fountain.”

Long term use of procedures and injections may results in a freakish appearance that no amount of revision surgery can correct and if you want to avoid the gerbil wheel you may want to consider an all natural course of positive aging techniques to restore your facial features.

Using positive aging techniques such as isometric facial exercise puts you in the driver’s seat and once you learn the movements, your face will look revitalized, tightened and lifted.

Each area of your face and neck can be exercised using your own personal “age erasers”, your fingers and your thumbs. Learning to manipulate your facial muscles frees you forever from the need to use extraneous means to keep you looking younger.

Say no thanks to Revision Surgery and yes please to facial exercise!

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness with over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields. She has appeared on The View, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their childrens inheritance. Cynthia Rowland I Save Faces

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Isn’t Revision Surgery Just More Plastic Surgery?}